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The Aqiqah/Qurban rites will be carried out in Australia. Animals will be slaughtered at a Halal-certified Abattoir. The meat will then be shipped to a Halal-certified Cannery in New Zealand to be cooked and canned. These will then be distributed to the needy. This makes it easy for beneficiaries to consume the meat when they want. With a shelf life of 3 years, canning has the added advantage of easy storage, delivery and most of all, convenient to consume.


Each sheep will produce 25 to 27 cans of corned mutton (326 grams net weight). For this project to be viable, we require 2000 head of sheep in order to produce 35000kgs of boneless mutton, which translate to 48000 canned corned mutton. 

The canned meat will be distributed in Singapore and the region where the need is required. In Singapore, we include the canned Qurban with the monthly groceries which we distribute to the local zakat beneficiaries. Also, the canned Qurban would be distributed to places where there is the need of the Ummah like Indonesia, Malawi, Bangladesh... Insha Allah.

If we are uable to achieve the targeted 2000 sheep, the frozen mutton will be brought back to Singapore to be either distributed as frozen meat or cooked and served as meals for the needy.

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